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1. Seller's conditions and period of responsibility for quality: the seller's products comply with national or international standards; in view of the special nature of the products, the seller is only responsible for the quality of unused products, the seller is not responsible for any profit and loss or indirect loss or damage caused by the buyer's use of the seller's products, the seller reminds the buyer to accept the products in accordance with the technical specifications in a timely manner after receiving the products; after the products start to be used, the buyer is 1. the buyer is fully responsible for the application and results of the application.

2. if the Buyer is late in making payment, a late payment fee of 0.05% of the late payment amount will be charged for each day the payment is overdue. if the Buyer is late in making payment for more than 10 days, the Seller has the right to unilaterally cancel this contract.

3. if the seller is unable to supply due to force majeure, the seller will promptly notify the buyer, and both parties will decide to partially not perform, completely not perform or postpone the performance; if the deadline of the delivery period is a major holiday or national holiday at home and abroad, the delivery period will be postponed; if the delivery is delayed or cannot be delivered due to lack of goods, the seller will promptly inform the buyer and will not be regarded as a breach of contract by the seller.

4. acceptance standards and objection period: the buyer shall take the product manufacturer's standards as the acceptance standards, if the product has any quality defects, the buyer shall submit written objections within 30 days after receipt of the goods, the buyer does not raise any objections after the deadline, the goods shall be deemed to meet its requirements and the seller shall not assume any responsibility.

5. force majeure: the seller shall not be liable for any delay in delivery or inability to deliver due to fire, flood, storm, explosion, terrorist event, war, governmental act or any other event which the seller cannot foresee, cannot avoid and cannot overcome.

6. the Buyer to confirm whether the Buyer is qualified to purchase the products and to ensure that the information provided is accurate, and the Buyer shall bear the responsibility for any liability arising from the Buyer's lack of qualification.

7. limited warranty: to the extent permitted by applicable law, the products provided by the seller, only the products themselves, the seller does not make a warranty for the use of the products (including but not limited to all warranties of merchantability, fitness for purpose, non-infringement and other corresponding rights) or that the seller's products can achieve a specific result or will not have errors.

8. indemnity: to the extent permitted by applicable law, seller's maximum indemnity is the price actually paid to seller for the seller's products actually involved by buyer.

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